Centro de Física Teórica da Universidade de Coimbra


Workshop on Recent Developments

in Particle and Nuclear Physics



Sala de Conferências – 3rd floor



30th of April 2001



Note: The 30 min of each talk include a 5-10 min discussion period





9h 15m – 9h 45m Eef van Beveren Scalar Mesons



9h 45m – 10h 15m Wojciech Broniowski Medium effects on meson couplings



10h 15m – 10h 45m Wojciech Florkowski Chemical freeze-out in ultra-relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions



10h 45m – 11h 15m                           Coffee Break



11h 15m – 11h 45m Yura P. Ivanov Photoproduction of charmonia and total charmonium-proton cross sections




11h 45m – 12h 15m Constança Providência Caloric curve for finite nuclei within the Thomas Fermi approximation



12h 15m – 12h 45m Pedro V. Alberto Pseudospin symmetry in nuclei



12h 45m – 14h 30m

                           Lunch Break



14h 30m – 15h M. Conceição Ruivo Phase transition and meson behavior in neutron matter



15h – 15h 30m Alex H. Blin Fermions and cosmology in fluctuating space-time



15h 30m – 16h

                   Coffee Break



16h – 16h 30m Marcos Sampaio gamma5 – friendly momentum space regularization



16h 30m – 17h Alexander A. Osipov Generalized proper-time expansion of the effective action



17h – 17h 30m Brigitte Hiller NJL vacuum for broken isospin symmetry in the heat kernel expansion