Dae Sung Hwang and Do-Won Kim:
confirm that coupled-channel effects naturally explain
the low mass of the D*sJ(2317)

in "Mass of DsJ*(2317) and Coupled Channel Effect"
Phys. Lett. B601, 137 (2004).

"Magnitude of coupling
between two-quark bound and two-meson continuum states,
is about 2.6 times larger
when Coulombic parts are included in the calculation."

"Cornell group includes only the linear part
of the confinement potential in this calculation."

"When the Coulombic part is not included,
there is no physical mass eigenstate below the threshold of DK.
On the other hand, when the Coulombic part is included,
there exists a physical mass eigenstate with its mass
close to the measured DsJ*(2317) mass in a natural manner."