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at least three new unusual particles were discovered: the Y(4260), ...
low-lying excitations of the charmonium states, like the Y(4260), ...
the discovery of the so-called Y particles, namely, the Y(4260), ...
New states Y(4260), ...
The observation of new states started with the discovery of the Y(4260).
a charmonium-like state Y(4260)
The new family of the charmonium or charmonium-like states include Y(4260), ...
new charmonium or charmonium-like states include Y(4260), ...
charmoniumlike states, Y(4260), ...
new spectroscopy of charmonium-like states, opened by the discovery by BaBar of the Y(4260) meson.
many new charmonium or charmonium-like states have been observed such as Y(4260), ...
The Y(4260) resides at the D1D threshold
an s-quark version of the Y(4260)
A possible explanation of Y(4260)
There are also the Y(4260) ...
One possible candidate for such a state is the Y (4260).
which explain naturally the observed properties of the Y(4260) resonance.
a state around 4260 MeV with a width of 90 MeV
the resonance parameters of Y(4260)
Many states observed by BaBar and Belle collaborations, like Y(4260), ..., remain controversial.
partner of the Y (4260)
New states, e.g. Y(4260)
The Y(4260) was the first of the Y states to be observed.
By several authors in "Charmed Exotics"
the BaBar Collaboration observed the Y(4260).
The Y(4260) was discovered by BABAR

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