The meeting will be held at
the Physics Department of the University of Coimbra
Sala das conferências (3o andar)
on Friday, June 27th, 2003.

We will have a computer projector for the talks.


1st session of 30' talks, including questions: 10h30'----->12h30',

"Anomalous decay of pion and eta at finite density"

Pedro Costa, CFT - Coimbra

The BottomLights of QCDatDELPHI
(How a dead effect becomes very much alive and other stories)

Pedro Abreu, LIP - Lisboa

Search for Single Top Production at LEP via Four-Fermion Contact Interactions at sqrt{s} 189-209 GeV

Filipe Veloso, LIP - Lisboa

Search for a fourth generation b-prime quark at LEP-II at sqrt{s} 189-209 GeV

Nuno Castro, LIP - Lisboa

Lunch: 12h30'----->14h00'

2nd session of 30' talks, including questions: 14h00'------>15h00',

Chiral Symmetry Breaking with Scalar Confinement

Pedro Bicudo, CFIF - Lisboa

"The quark-antiquark spectra and the structure of the scalar mesons"

Javier Vijande, U. Salamanca

Coffee Break: 15h00'------>15h30'

3d session of 30' talks, including questions: 15h30'------>16h30',

A charming Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story

George Rupp, CFIF - Lisboa

Data analysis in non-exotic meson-meson scattering

Eef van Beveren, CFT - Coimbra









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