A Short Description of the Reserach Activities at the Centro de Física Teórica


last update 2006.09.12


The Theoretical Physics Centre "Centro de Física Teórica da Universidade de Coimbra" (CFT) is an internationally recognized research centre, as witnessed by its intense scientific productivity.

During the past three years, the CFT's research work gave rise to more than a hundred publications in renowned scientific journals, such as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Physics Letters and Nuclear Physics, in addition to a large number of presentations in international conferences, to the number of grants it received and to its involvement in the Sixth Framework with "The EU integrated infrastructure iniciative Hadron Physics project". The activities include the supervision of Master's and Ph.D. theses. The CFT maintains intense collaborative links with several institutions of international renown, with regular mutual visits of reserachers and with active involvement of young scientists at the doctoral and post-doctoral level.

Among the research topics of most actuality are ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions, scattering phenomenology and hadron spectroscopy, effective field theories of quantum chromodynamics at low and intermediate energies, the structure of nuclear and quark matter, the behaviour of matter under extreme conditions, applications in astrophysics and cosmology, hot and dense stellar matter, phase transitions in nuclear and hadronic matter, and development of many-body physics approaches which include bosonization and generalized coherent states methods.